Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 Training (updated 4/6)

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(Most current run, click on link for full training log)

2014 Goals
1) Run multiple marathons with focus on podium finishes (Top 3) and sub 2:40 finish time
2) Attempt to go after marathon PR (sub2:29) in the Fall
3) Run some extremely challenging road races (Ex. Hill Races, etc) 
4) Make my trail ultra racing debut (June?)
5) Compete in at least one major national trail/ultra championship race
6) Run lower mileage for the entire year (60-70miles a week tops) 
7) Stay healthy and continue to enjoy (love) training/racing

*Paces listed for each run is just the average pace of the entire run, most of the runs end much quicker and most are on rolling hilly terrain.

(Last 7 weeks of 2013)
61miles- 8miles (6:16), 10miles (6:45), 10miles (6:40), 14miles (trail)
63miles- 9miles(6:27), 10miles (6:46), 10miles (6:34), 16miles (snow)
63miles- 11miles (6:31), 10miles (6:46), 16miles (6:37) 
64miles- 11miles (6:38), 17miles (6:28)
63miles- 12miles (6:41), 11miles (6:38), 10miles (6:08), 13miles (snow) 
70miles- 12miles (6:20), 20miles (6:35), 12miles (6:24) 
60miles- 12miles (6:33), 12miles (trail), 15miles (6:25) 

(Start of 2014)
52: 73miles- 12miles (6:34), 12miles (trail), 20miles (6:22)
51: 71miles- 13miles (6:22), 10miles (trail), 16miles (6:44), 12miles (5:59) 
50: 72miles- 12miles (6:37), 15miles (6:26), 20miles (trail) 
49: 70miles- 11miles (trail), 13miles (6:29), 11miles (5:59), 16miles (snow)
48: 70miles- 15miles (6:21), 12miles (6:26), 19miles (6:26)
47: 66miles- 11miles (6:10), 11miles (6:16), 16miles (trail)
46: 65miles- 10miles (6:11), 16miles (6:28), 12miles (6:37) 
45: 72miles- 14miles (6:05), 12miles (6:06), 20miles (6:37)
44: 74miles- 16miles (6:21), 12miles (6:01), 18miles (6:21)
43: 70miles- 15miles (snow), 12miles (6:04), 16miles: 8K(5:42), 4800(5:30), 1600(5:12)
42: 62miles- Wrightsville Beach Marathon (2:39:31/2nd Place)
41: 64miles- 11miles (6:28), Road Interval: 2xMile (4:58), 1x800 (2:25), 15miles(trail)
40: 72miles- 12miles (6:07), 16miles (trail), 12miles (6:23), 15miles (6:23)
39: 57miles- 11miles (6:12), 15miles (6:29), 8miles (5:39 last 4)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

2014 Racing

Wrightsville Beach Marathon (3/16/14)
2:39:31/ 2nd Place / $300
Recap: Good "harder" long run effort.  Here is a link to a more detailed recap: WBFULL
Finishing stretch kicking pass half marathoners. 

Thanks to Roberts Running for sending me another racing singlet to match my Newtons! 

Friday, January 10, 2014

2013 Running Recap

2013 Mileage Total: 3255

2013 Races:
Quarter Marathon--35:41--1st Place (8/3)
Run for Your Life 5Miler--28:11--1st Place--$50 (6/22)
Oceana 5K--16:19--1st Place--$250 (6/15)
Poca River 15K--52:49--1st Place (5/11)
Mullens 5K (long course)--16:06--1st Place--$250 (5/5)
Susan Komen 5K--15:57--1st Place (5/4)
Earth Day 10K--33:40--1st Place--$200 (4/21)
Earth Day 5K(long course)--17:15--1st Place--$100 (4/21) 
Athens Half Marathon--1:14:35--2nd Place--$150 (4/15)
Winter Series 8K--25:48--3rd Place (1/6)

Recap: Overall it was a decent year for training and racing. Training wise, my streak of 2+ years without missing a day running was snapped in January with an achilles injury. Then again in August/September I missed some more time with a glute/hamstring issue. So I missed close to 2 months of training in 2013 which caused a nice sized drop in mileage. My goal going forward with mileage though is to stay around 60-70 miles a week so the years of shooting for 4000+ miles are probably done. 

Racing wise I didn't get to run many races in tip-top form so most of my races were done while building up to bigger races which never happened. Also more then half of the races I did run were done in place of a workout so the effort was far from a race effort. The WS 8K(25:48) to start the year was probably my best race of the year. I did sneak under 16 minutes (15:57 @ Susan Komen 5K) to extend my streak of sub 16 to 12 years. That along with breaking sub 5 minutes in a mile (streak dates back to freshman year of high school) at least once in a year are both fun goals to try and extend for as long as I can.

I'm feeling good heading into 2014, so I hope to get back to racing strongly at some goal races and coming close to or bettering my marathon best this year! My other main goal this year is to start converting over to running some trail races and ultras with the goal to run some of the major trail/ultra races in the near future. 

Yearly mileage totals since I started keeping a training log before my freshman year of College:

2013: 3255
2012: 3971 *2nd Best Marathon (2:30:49)
2011: 4239 *All-time high mileage
2010: 3822
2009: 4147 *PR's CDR(1:22:23), Marathon(2:29:34), Half Marathon (1:07:48)
2008: 3275 *Road 5K PR (15:08) and Parkersburg PR (1:09:53)
2007: 3286 *PR 8K (24:34)
2006: 3625
2005: 3206
2004: 3028
2003: 2170
2002: 3662
2000-01 (18months): 3667

Friday, November 22, 2013

A few views from the run in Pocahontas County......

 NRAO Telescope

Top of Snowshoe Mountain looking down on Shaver's Lake

Greenbrier River Trail (GRT)

Telescope Shot

Cranberry Wilderness 

Seneca State Forest 

*I plan to continue adding pictures that I find of places where I run in Pocahontas County

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pineville 5K

Pineville 5K
1st Place

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Second Annual Quarter Marathon

Quarter Marathon
1st Place

(Marian also rolled to the victory running 40:16 (6:09pace) as we both walked away with course records as a bonus)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

2013 Training Log (First 6 months)

January Mileage: 181
February Mileage: 176
March Mileage: 321
April Mileage: 333
May Mileage: 200
June Mileage: 361

2013 Mileage Total(first 6 months): 1572

(Weekly mileage with 1 or 2 key runs of the week plus elevation gain when over 2000ft for the week)
Week of 12/31:*63miles, 4mile Tempo run(5:30avg), Winter Series 8K Race (25:48/5:11avg)
Week of 1/7:*72miles, 19mile Long Run (6:14avg) with the last 14miles all under 6:10 pace
Week of 1/14: *13miles, Streak of 2+ years without missing a day was snapped with injured achilles
Week of 1/21: *28miles
Week of 1/28: *14miles 
Week of 2/4: *40miles, Elevation Gain Week: 2345ft
Week of 2/11: *45miles, Hilly Tempo 6miles (5:44avg), Tempo 7miles (5:48avg)
Week of 2/18: *57miles, Hilly Tempo 6miles (5:36avg), Tempo 5miles (5:30avg)
Week of 2/25: *61miles , Hilly Tempo 5miles (5:32avg) 
Week of 3/4: *66miles , Tempo 5miles (5:28avg)
Week of 3/11: *63miles, Elevation Gain Week: 2374
Week of 3/18: *78miles, Tempo 8mile (5:39avg),  Elevation Gain Week: 2195ft
Week of 3/25: *85miles, Elevation Gain Week: 3796ft
Week of 4/1:*78miles: 10K Track Tempo (33:41/5:25avg), 20miles Hilly Long Run
Week of 4/8:*75miles, Athens Half(1:14.25/2ndPlace/$150)
Week of 4/15:*77miles, 20mile LR, Beckley 10K/5K (1st Place/$200 and 1st Place/$100), Elevation Gain Week: 2693ft
Week of 4/22:*76miles, 22mile LR
Week of 4/29:*70miles, 20mile LR, 4mile Tempo in 20:54 (5:13avg), Susan Komen 5K(15:57/1st Place), Mullens 5K (16:06/1st Place/$250/Long Course)
Week of 5/6:*60miles, 20mile LR, Poca River 15K(52:49/1st Place)
Week of 5/13: *47miles, Cleveland Marathon (dropped out a little past 14miles)
Week of 5/20: *11miles, (5 complete days off)
Week of 5/27: *54miles, Elevation Gain Week: 3867ft
Week of 6/3: *76miles, Elevation Gain Week: 4417ft
Week of 6/10: *80miles, Oceana 5K (16:19, 1st Place, $250), Elevation Gain Week: 3623ft
Week of 6/17: *93miles, Run for Your Life 5miler (Hilly, 1st Place, 28:10), Elevation Gain Week: 4781ft
Week of 6/24: *95miles, Elevation Gain Week: 4060ft  

Everyday training log can be found HERE and HERE

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Run for Your Life 5-Miler

Run for Your Life 5-Miler
1st Place
$50 Gift Card to Running Shop

Fun race that I always wanted to do here in Charleston, the course this year started at the WV Capitol where one of the many 10-Day Festival events was going on and headed up to Spring Hill Cemetery. The climb is a good one, it is steep and last about 3/4 of a mile. Once at the top of the climb you run roughly 1 rolling mile around one of the many different cemetery roads before heading back down the hill and to the finish line. Tough course made tougher by the high morning humidity and heat. I was able to cruise through the first 3miles at around a tempo-like effort or even a little slower. I opened it up a bit on the downhill and into the last flat mile. Overall a really fun morning and solid workout!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oceana 5K

On the run

Oceana 5K (workout for cash)
1st Place

First time picking it up since dropping out of Cleveland Marathon back in May. It was a little warm with the 10am start but overall I felt pretty good throughout the workout, although I did go out faster then I wanted and sort of struggled when I tried to ease the pace back to the workout goal. In the end I finished faster then I had planned. Marian grabbed the womens win (18:27) and helped us bring home $500 combined winnings. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

2013 Poca River 15K/ Mullens Dogwood 5K

Poca River 15K
1st Place

I used WV's Oldest Road Race for my last tuneup workout before Cleveland Marathon. I ran the rolling hilly course at roughly goal marathon pace and enjoyed another fun event. 
Mullens Dogwood 5K (long course)
1st Place
(Day after Susan Komen 5K, another nice race used as a workout with the added bonus of picking up some cash)