Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Training Log "Year in Review Mileage Totals"

*My logs that I keep are November to November, it's weird I know. What happened the summer before my first year of college I received a training log book as a birthday gift so I started using it to put down what I ran each day starting in June and along the way when I played basketball that first year at MU after XC season I didn't run any during that period but then after the season I picked things back up and just started using the same log book and just started logging from the week I left off. So my first log book has 52 weeks of running in it but it took around a year in a half to get to that point.

So anyways I think I'm going to just add how ever many pieces of paper to my current log book so that I can start logging in a new book January 1st which would make more sense for keeping track of year to year running totals.

2803 miles in the November 12th 2007-November16th 2008 (52weeks)
3286 miles the previous year, so my totals dropped but that had a lot to do with the 18week running break due to injury over the winter.

2803 miles in 52 weeks only averages out to 53.9 miles per/week for the year but if I subtract the 18 weeks missed and then the average jumps up to 82.4 miles per/week and that is actually the work I was doing when running and that would have resulted to around 4300 miles for the year.

That's a lot of running being missed out on, it's hard for me to make a goal to hit a certain mileage total for each year because of injuries that pop up and take you out. If hitting a mileage goal was attained strictly on motivation to run then I would get 5000 plus miles each year with ease but that isn't the case.

I can only hope that my current streak of being non-injured continues. Right now I'm starting a build towards spring goals and for the first time I'm starting the build after coming off solid training(not great but solid) and being healthy. Usually it has been starting back at square one and trying to work back into shape quickly. I'm hoping if the good health continues and the fitness gained from the last build will all result into a GREAT March,April, May of racing down the road!