Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Training Review

Mileage Total: 3225
Weekly Mileage Average: 62
Average Mileage per day: 9.9 (325)
Career Mileage: 50,012 (since I started keeping track in college 2000)
Elevation Gain: 132,710 feet
Days Ran: 325/365
Highest Mileage Week of the Year: 86
Races: 9
Best Races: Shamrock Half Marathon (1:12:30), Sandman Extreme (Hill) Half Marathon (1:23:35, 1st Place), CDR 15-Miler (2nd Place), Allegheny Highlands Trail Half Marathon (1:16:35, 1st Place) 

Recap: Although it was mileage wise my lowest total miles since 2005, I still feel like it was a good running year. I really enjoy the aspect of going out and just running at this point in my life. But with that said I still ran some solid races, but injuries at bad timing kept me from my goal races which were both hopeful attempts of going back under 1:10 in the half marathon. 

Also getting hired as the Associate Head Coach at WV Wesleyan and being able to return to collegiate coaching could go down as a huge running (job) goal accomplished in 2015. 

The momentum for 2016 is off to a great start already. Goal wise I would like to run 1-2 solid marathons, attempt another trail 50K, and throw in a few track races. More than anything I want to keep loving the awesome running locations in my region and soak up more and more scenic runs! 

Three running related streaks that continued: 
1) Sub 5-minute Mile, 18th straight year dating back to (1997).
2) 20-Mile Long Run, 12th straight year (2004) 
3) Yearly Mileage total over 3000, 12th straight year (2004). 

Yearly Mileage Totals:
2015: 3225
2014: 3413 *Elevation all-time high of 174,505 feet
2013: 3255
2012: 3971 *2nd Best Marathon (2:30:49)
2011: 4239 *All-time high mileage
2010: 3822 *CDR Champ
2009: 4147 *PR's CDR(1:22:23), Marathon(2:29:34), Half Marathon (1:07:48)
2008: 3275 *Road 5K PR (15:08) and Parkersburg PR (1:09:53)
2007: 3286 *PR 8K (24:34) 
2006: 3625
2005: 3206
2004: 3028
2003: 2170
2002: 3662
2000-01 (18months): 3667