Monday, March 23, 2009

Marian @ Shamrock Marathon


*Marian ran her debut Marathon yesterday in Virginia Beach, VA at "The Yuengling Shamrock Marathon". We had some mainly private goal times but the most important goal was to gain the experience of what the marathon feels like. I have only done one marathon and I can say that if you haven't done one you have no idea what it is really is about to "race" that distance. By that I only mean that it is a totally different event compared to all the shorter distances including half marathon-15mile races, so the feedback gained from running one goes a long ways for your future plans of marathoning.

She came out of the weekend learning so much and she gained that experience. She saw what it is really like to bonk and still have 8 or more miles to go(not fun or easy to do). But as for the race she finished 3rd overall female and 43rd overall out of 2,555 finishers with a time of 3:00.27 which is 6:53 per mile pace for 26.2 miles. Now that the race has past I will come out and say we really felt anything from 2:50-55 was where she could finish around.

The race was a blast as I was able to pace her for the first 17miles and the last 3.2 miles. I can't explain how special it is to be able to run and help your wife, the person you love with all your heart. We do a few runs each week together and they are always my favorite but there was something about pacing her in the marathon that will always stand out to me and make it extra special.

As for some splits: 5miles(33:08), 10miles(66:25), Half (1:27.02), 15miles (1:39.53) and then slowly the wheels started to turn slower with the next 2 miles I was with her at 6:48, 6:56. At this point I knew she was running out of gas. I waited at mile 23 then and she covered the next 6miles in 43:09(7:11 pace) before I jumped back to running with her the last 3.2 in 7:22, 7:26, 7:18, 1:26.

The conditions turned out to be very, very nice. Sunny, cool and light wind(the day before while I run the 8K gust were 20-25mph).

Bottom line she learned a lot, she finished 3rd overall female at a well known marathon, she picked up some cash($400) which was the least of her concerns, she would have traded top 3 and cash for 2:50 any day but still nice. SHE WILL COME BACK MUCH STRONGER AND FASTER.

From here she will take some days off before jumping back into some training for the Eugene Half Marathon, which will be a quick turnaround(only 6 weeks away) but a very fun big event for her to focus on with less pressure.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Marian TriStateRacer Interview

*Pat Riley from TriStateRacer did a quick interview with Marian on Strands and the upcoming Shamrock Marathon:

*Did a little research and it looks like since 1999 that only 3 West Virginia women have broke 3hours for the Marathon with the fastest time being a blazing 2:32.34 by Kristy Johnson who wasn't originally from WV but lived here with all-time great WV runner and her husband Chris Fox. Since 2004 the fastest Women's times looks to be 2:56.59.

*Marian's goal is simple "enjoy the experience"!

*Check out the new blog page that Nubound has put up and it also has a link to the President/Founder Mark Connell's twitter page. On the blog page he has a link to my blog which is really neat:

*My body is not feeling 'right' these past 5-7 days. It's been a combination of feeling a little sick/weak, hurt(groin/tight back), and every pace feels the same(in a bad way). By that I mean running recovery runs feel 'harder then they should' and then running workout paces feel 'much harder then they should'. All this is probably a combination of many things: 1)Might not be totally over being sick, 2)Have ran a lot of miles in the past 12 days after coming off being really sick, 3)Some slightly stressful times as I wait word on a possible future job, 4)Just off antibiotic (which now I will be going back on based off what the doctor had told me to do if the first dose didn't completely wipe away the infection). I still would like to run the 8K Saturday as a Tempo run in the 5:05-10 pace but right now it will depend on how my body responds to some lighter training days plus how the groin(s) hold up. My body has been in a little bit of a struggle now for some time but keeping the fingers crossed that I will bounce out of it and still take advantage of what was a really solid winter base of training.

*We will be leaving in the morning and be in Va Beach Thursday-Monday, this should be a really fun weekend!!!