Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 Review

Mileage Total: 3971
Weekly Mileage Average: 76.4
Mileage Previous 3 years: 2011(4239), 2010(3822), 2009(4147)
Days Ran: 366/366 
*Second straight year without missing a day.
Highest Mileage Week of the Year: 109
Races: 21
PR's: None (unless you count running my first 15K)
Prize Money(with incentives from Sponsors): $4700
Best Race of the Year: Myrtle Beach Marathon-2nd Place-2:30:49

2012 Races (season best race in bold)
Winter Series 5K--15:42--2nd Place (12/9)
Drumstick Dash 5K--15:52--1st Place (11/22)
Nick Caldwell 5K--16:03--2nd Place (11/17)
Columbus Marathon--2:34:10--13th Place (10/21)
Twin Falls 5K--16:02--1st Place (10/15)
Wine Cellar 10K--32:50--1st Place (9/22)
CDR--1:27:43--5th Place (9/1)
Pineville 5K--16:22--1st Place (8/26)
Racing Hearts 5K(short course)--13:55(15:39 finish pace)--1st Place (8/18)
Glade Springs 10K--33:01--1st Place (8/11)
Oceana 5K--16:20--1st Place (7/7)
Reds 10K(Long Course)--33:23--3rd Place (6/2)
Mullens 5K--16:08--1st Place (5/20)
Poca River 15K--50:13--1st Place (5/12)
Susan Komen 5K--16:15--3rd (5/5)
Joker 4-Miler--21:54--1st Place (4/1)
Run for Adam 3-Miler(short course)--14:33--1st (3/30)
Arts in Action 5K--16:22--1st (3/10) 
Myrtle Beach Marathon--2:30:49--2nd (2/18)
Tallman WS 10K--32:20--2nd (2/5)
Tallman WS 8K--26:04--1st (1/8)

Recap: I was pretty happy with the 2012 year. Although other then MB Marathon I never ran fast this year, it was the best year of my life as we welcomed our little Clara into the world. It was a challenge to train and race with all the life changes. I even had some well respected friends who are fast dads say I should avoid racing much during this adjustment period. Against that advice I still toed the line and raced a solid amount. Although the results weren't great I learned a lot and enjoyed every minute of it. Most importantly I also figured out I need to make some serious changes if I want to get back to racing my best. So far so good with the changes as I'm actually feeling recovered and not so worn down again as I train and race. Early 2013 results (25:48 WS 8K) show I'm heading back in the right direction so that is a huge positive. My 2013 goals are pretty simple, have fun, train hard but smart, PR at every distance but most importantly the Marathon and at CDR, and last but not least run fewer races. I need to get back to not being so open to run every race that someone asks me to do and put the main emphasis on racing all-out when I do toe the line. My goal is to cut down from 20+ races to more in the 10-15 range. I feel like with 10-15 races I can go just about all-out for current fitness in 5-10 races a year and still have another 5 or so races that are mostly workouts to either win some prize money or support a friends race. I'm looking forward to the upcoming 2013 race schedule. I have a feeling it's going to be a fun and fast year!