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Old Race Recaps......

Summer Motion 10k..Well workout wise got in a very solid run but effort wise it felt pretty tough. Truly based off effort it felt like low 31's which would have been faster than the Tempo pace I needed so looking back I probably ran too hard for the conditions. 98% humidity and a thickness in the air that made this one of the toughest workouts I have done. To think on a cool day just a week earlier I cruised slightly slower Marathon Pace for 7miles like I could run all day. Bottom line this workout makes me a lot stronger and I feel good afterwards!

Check out for the results and Pictures. Pat also did video interviews with Marian and me afterwards that were pretty neat.

We also got Awesome coverage from the Huntington Herald Dispatch and Ashland Newspaper. The HD article might be one of my favorites all-time for the meaning that article has for Marian and I. Please Check both out below:

Herald Dispatch(Great story and Pics)

Ashland Newspaper(Great Story and Huge Front page Pic that's not online yet)

TriStateRacer Video Link

Crew Cummunity 5K Recap
*So much for dead legs, well actually they felt more dead this morning waking up and warming up then they had the previous 2 days. So in my head I was like "oh-no" will I even run mid 15:30s which even in Marathon building training I should usually handle when trying to run "hard" and not just showing up for some extra money. Anyways I warmed up with Pat Riley for a easy 25minutes before coming back for a few quick strides that didn't feel so quick.

The conditions turned out to be pretty good surprisely, I was expecting very hot/humid running so took my air-vented(with cuts) singlet for the race and it really wasn't needed on a 65degree and sunny morning. I have been helping David Bias with training the past 4 weeks since he ran 15:44 on this same course at the Bun Run. So I knew he was fit and in a 105mile planned week with dead legs I figured it was his race to take, I just wanted a faster paced workout. To my surprise I felt pretty good at the start and through the 2miles(9:55) I was "cruising" the effort there was no doubt about it. So knowing how effortless today was turning out to be I decided to throw down 3 very hard minutes and then just hold to the finish. I ended up covering the last mile in 4:40 before cruising in the last .1 and maybe giving back a few seconds which now I would like back. But I ended up with a 15:08 bettering my best time ever on that course from 2 years ago(15:17). I have ran this course many times and with the exception of the Bun Run 4 weeks ago when I bombed a 16:02 I have always been under 16's. I think this 15:08 is the 3rd fastest time ever on the course behind Eric Putnam(14:50?) and Casey Batey(14:55?). Bias hung on for a BIG ROAD PR OF 15:32! Picked up a nice big $100 cash but hey it provides some extra coffee trips to

Here is race results:

The Cincinnati Reds hold a 5k every summer in which the winner gets to throw out the 1st pitch at one of their home games. I had known about this race for a few year's as my uncle had always told me I should go give it a try. My whole family has always been huge Reds fans, we made trips to games every summer. Some of those early trips growing up are still very clear to me. Like I remember being at a game when Eric Davis(my hero at the time) hit a grand slam or watching Rob Dibble warm up right in front of us in the bullpen so many more great memories.

So as for the Reds 5k this summer it finally worked out where Marian and I were able to make the trip. We left the night before and stayed in a nice little town right outside Cincy. The next morning the race was a lot of fun and I was able to easily win in 15:15 on a somewhat slow course beating a 24:40 8k runner from University of Cincinnati. I basically ran way back for 2 miles and with a mile to go surged up the 300m long hill to hit the last mile in 4:46 and was able to cruise the last .1 which included running around the warning track. Marian and I went to the Zoo after the race which was a blast and capped off a great weekend.
A week later I got to go back and throw out the 1st pitch at the Reds/Angels game. A lot of Friends and family made the trip to watch the 1st pitch so it made for a good time. They showed video of my finish on the scoreboard which was funny because I must of pumped my fist during that last .1 about 100 times.

Walking out to throw out 1st Pitch at Reds Game

Marian's long lost twin!

*As for the Richmond Netelos 8k it went Great. It gave me exactly the feedback I wanted at this point and showed me I'm well on my way to sub 1:06 half in 10 weeks. The whole weekend was a blast with 12,000 runners in Richmond for the Marathon/8k races. There was roughly 6,000plus in the 8k alone. Last year the fastest 8k in the country was ran by a Kenyan at this race so it has the reputation of being a fast race with some of the best showing up to run it.

I was pumped for the race had even took 2 easy days before it to better recover and prepare to run a fast one. Race morning everything went pretty smoothly as my uncle and me hung ut in the Marriot Lobby right by the start line. My warmup of 20minutes felt pretty snappy and my legs felt to have a bounce. I was able to jump into the front of the pack behind the Kenyans elite start about 5minutes before the start which during a 30 degree morning(good for running bad for standing) worked out great. The first mile I ran with John Hinton who is one the top Master 1500/Miler in the country. Close to the Mile marker I asked him his goal and he said only 25:20's which jump started me into picking up my pace. I caught a group of 5 runners at the Mile in 5:03. The next pack was already well up on us at this point and I went straight to the lead of this pack and said to the guys lets go catch that pack. No one would help me lead during that 2nd mile and could feel that the pace wasn't very fast so I took off and left the group right before the 2mile which I hit in 5:02. Even though I was slow at this point I felt like I was jogging and wasteing a great day to test my limits so I picked up the effort to where I felt I was racing. I hit the 3rd and 4th miles(19:50s at 4miles) in 4;55's but still felt like it was a tempo run on ritter park. So there was a short incline to start the 5th mile and I decided I was going all out the last mile to really hit a time I would be happy with. So I just kept pushing and pushing that last mile, I pushed so hard I went through the line at full speed and could have kept going for another 1-2miles at a still fast pace. I hit the last mile in 4:36 to finish 12 overall...something I was very pumped up for being such a huge/fast race. My huge PR time was 24:34!!

*Happy with the result. Things have been clicking the last 2 years with improvement but this last 13 weeks things are just really going well. I think getting into a training program that is perfect for me and the lost of some major weight have been big keys!

*BTW my uncle that I was coaching to his debut Marathon at Richmond blasted through are goal and ran 2:56 at the age of 46!! Congrats David...I was more pumped for him then myself the whole rest of the day. We had a great weekend.

*8k Race Results

*Marshall University Marathon, Huntington WV. I called up the race director to see if I could get comp entry into the race to use it as a long tempo workout. Tom who has always been really good to me was more than glad to help me out. So I ran this race as a long tempo and long run, I logged 3miles of warmup and 3miles of cooldown to give me close to 20miles of running.

The event was really nice, very well organized. The Marshall XC team was working the intersections the first 3miles which was cool and the crowd support was crazy especially at the 3mile/9mile marks. So many "Go Jason's" on that course it was very much appreciated. Not many times you can go do a workout and have people cheering you on like that.

Anyways the workout went great. Was alone(how I like it) just cruising through my tempo the entire time. My plan was keeping it at 5:20pace(ultimate Marathon goal pace) and it went by so easily. I ended up hitting 1:09.28 which is a 5:18 pace. My fitness is a lot better than I thought. Especially with the long stuff, it's just want my body is made to run the best at. My spilts were all solid with alittle pickup the last 5k. I hit 5miles in 26:26 and 10miles in 52:54!! I then ran the last 5k in roughly 5:11-12pace to finish strong. Defintely jacked up with the run!

**I wasn't hitting my splits on the last 5k just knew what the total time was for what I thought was 3.1. I knew I was picking the pace up so when I figured out I was 5:11-12 miles I was happy but felt like I was running a lot harder. Well Tom alerted me later that the half course is actually 13.2, they do this so that they can use the same finish line for all the races without confusion. But makes more sense now, so I probably was running 5:03-5:05 pace the last 5k and total time would have been closer breaking 1:09. Not a bad day for 10miles at Tempo effort before starting to run hard!

*Here is race story(mainly on the Marathon winner) and a Pic fromt he start.

I plan over the next year to do quite a few looking back blogs to detail some of the past important times of my life. Today I want to look back not to long ago to the 2006 Chicago Marathon from last October 22nd. It was my 1st attempt at the Marathon distance my buildup for the race went close to perfect up til the last 4-6 weeks when some nagging injuries cut into some of my prime weeks for training. I lost out on some of the volume I would have perferred to have got in but my quality of workouts was able to stay strong. Some keys points were 2x5miles with 10min job recovery where I ran close to 26min flat on both tempo's, I had good leadup Longer Tempos like 8miles/10miles @ 5:20pace, I had one super long run of 2:35 minutes where I ran steady throughout the run so probably covered close to 24miles. The big thing I would have changed(other than the nagging injuries) would be a lot more Longer runs of 20plus miles and add in Marathon Pace Tempos in the 12-15mile range.

As for the race, it was a very cold windy/rainy day. Weather was one thing I knew i couldn't control and it was rough conditions for my debut. I went out slow and at about the 3mile mark started to pick it up and run. Started clicking off miles in the 5:20-5:25 range after the slow start. I hit the half at 1:12 feeling as though I was going to negative spilt and atleast get close to the 2:22 standard. Around 15miles I made my first major mistake and that was I broke from the gorup I had ran with the previous 12miles and picked up the pace hard, the huge problem with this was I made this move at a strech that was into the wind. I worked solo for the next 3miles and the wind/effort had a huge effect on me. At this point I was feeling the effects of another mistake, not taking in enough fluids/gels. At around mile 19 after a horrible last mile what was left of the group I left earlier came up on me and passed me. I tryed hard to hang with them for the next 1.5-2miles but at mile 21 I was cramping bad. The cramps(probably from not enough fluids) came on hard and fast. At that point even with falling off my fast pace the past 3miles, I was still on a 2:25 finishing time pace. But it was not to be I struggled in bigtime. I probably saw 100plus runners past me in that last 5.2miles of slogging(my term for slow jogging). I limped home while above my goal with a time of 2:31. The bright side is on a day like that with the conditions the way they were and the way I ran the furst 21miles it was defintely still an success. I finished 150th overall out of over 40,000 runners, like I said earlier though at one point was probably in the top 50 which in the largest/best mararthon in the world would have been HUGE! I'm now training hard waiting awhile for that next try at the Marathon and trust me I plan to nail it big when I do attempt it again!

Here is an email sent and forwarded to me from Mark Cruz who was coached by Coach Small at the University of South Carolina. Carlos as we call him was a huge help to me with great tips(start super slow) and a huge help to my dad as Cruz who is from Chicago lead him around the race to see me at 4-5 different spots:

Click on the link below and watch the interview ...about 2min into the interview they will start showing race finishers...look for Jason as he crosses the line in 2:31:30 or so.
Pyles ran those conditions (18pmh winds and 35-40 degrees) a 2:31 is more like a 2:28 effort. He went out in 1:12 and s/d have came back in 1:14-1:16 but ... I think it is reasonable to say one would lose about 2-4min on the second half. When I ran 2:32 , I ran splits of 1:14 / 1:18.

Point is Jay u got a 2:26 in you and if I were u i would set that as my goal for 2007. I know it seems far off but u could probably get down to a 2:22 by the 2012 Trials. Just something to think about ... rest easy.


*Great day to be a runner out on the roads today in Point Pleasant! Today was a special day as they held the first "Leah's Race 5k" in memory of Leah Hickman who was killed last year in Huntington. This race was started and coordinated by my uncle David that started planning 2 months ago with the goal of getting 50 runner/walkers and rising $1,000. Well for a first year event in a town not known for having races I think you could say this was a HUGE success as there was 215 registered and 156 finishers and the event raised $7,000 plus dollars to more then fund the scholarship in her name at Marshall.
*As for the actually race, I went in at first thinking this would be a good faster paced workout. But then when I got there I saw Matt Boyles(Former NAIA All-American and sub 15minute 5Ker) who is currently the assistant coach at nearby University of Rio Grande. The temperature at the start was a very cold 17 degrees which effects fast running but when you warm up right you can cut down on the effects somewhat and I think I did a really good job with that. Right after a very inspirational prayer by Matt Boyles we were off with the start of the gun. I was on the right side of the road looking to go out steady and ease into things with hopes of a really fast finish. But on the other side of the road Matt shot out really quick, I quickly surged hard or I would have been left early. The course had a short loop with a short quick incline that brought you back to Main Street for what was then a out and back section. The first loop seemed like we were rolling but it felt smooth, by the time we were on Main Street and running towards the 1st mile Matt held the lead on me as I hit the split in 4:53 which felt sort of good but sort of tough since I have only did 2-3 base type workouts the past few weeks. The 2nd mile was definitely the slowest as we both sort of settled into the race and talked a little bit to each other at that point and hit the split together in 9:55(5:01) but shortly after he made another move into the lead which he held most of Main Street. I was starting to hurt at this point mainly from not being use to faster paced running in quite a while and was just hanging on. The thing that helped me the most was all the people we passed that were yelling for us. With maybe 500m to go I made a push to pass him with a hard surge that I held into the final turn and heard that I had 20 meters on him from my dad, I split a 4:52 3rd mile and then cruised/coasted on burning legs for the last .1 with a 31 for a official total time of 15:20. Matt came in a few ticks back at 15:23. We both accomplished race wise what was a very encouraging result for this time of the year. This was a result that without him there to race would have just been me there running hard but nothing this in this range, so the day was running wise a huge success as well.
*Marian had a nice rust-buster in the middle of what has already been some very good base building weeks as she ran 18:25 pushing herself hard so we could get a gauge to where she was at the time was good enough for a 6th place finish overall, I also had Ty Duling come run the race as the end of a hard week of training workout in prep for his attack at sub 16:45 in 2 weeks at his peak race and he came out strong with a 17:22 and solid 3rd place finish. So them like many other people I talked to came out with very solid days. I think for the most part everyone liked the course my uncle put together especially knowing it was a well wheeled/marked course makes runners very happy in first year events!
*Training wise I'm a head of where I would have thought I was, but like I said in last weeks training blog something clicked mentally last Friday in a tempo run at Johnstown Road that I haven't had happen in a while. The hunger is really strong to run very fast this spring, and to be 15:20 today on a 17degree day where I have only Tempo's, Strides, Hilly Runs under my belt the past 2 weeks makes me know that previous build that didn't result in a Marathon that I wanted while result in something way bigger come March-April-May if I keep my training smart and hit my cycles healthy.
*I have made this blog very long now for what turned out to just be a really good fitness test 5k but I really can't explain how much fun the day was not only getting to push the body hard in a race but getting to talk to so many caring, good people! As most probably don't know due to the fact I never talk about it I lost a sister while I was in high school to a car accident so today not only had a great purpose to honor Leah as we raced it also was a way inside myself to enjoy the day and honor my own sister, the day carried over to a early-thanksgiving dinner at my parents house since we will be gone next week which just seemed to top the whole day off as a great day!


*I have received many more emails and messages today wishing me good luck. All these nice messages are actually making me finally feel "nervous", but I know everyone that writes me is wishing me well no matter how the race unfolds!

But one of the emails was from Pat Riley who created and runs the website TriStateRacer.Com. He has built an awesome website that is "Your One-Stop Site for All Things Racing in the Tri-State" His site has really brought a lot of attention back into road racing and getting people active in the tri-state area. You can see how races in this area are growing and how people are really talking about "TriStateRacer" as the place where they are getting all their information! Pat also is getting ready for his first Marathon on Novmeber 2nd at the Marshall Marathon in Huntington and he is going to be ready to roll.

Here is a interview/article he wrote up from some questions he asked me about in his email to me and put up today on his site:

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