Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Marian TriStateRacer Interview

*Pat Riley from TriStateRacer did a quick interview with Marian on Strands and the upcoming Shamrock Marathon:

*Did a little research and it looks like since 1999 that only 3 West Virginia women have broke 3hours for the Marathon with the fastest time being a blazing 2:32.34 by Kristy Johnson who wasn't originally from WV but lived here with all-time great WV runner and her husband Chris Fox. Since 2004 the fastest Women's times looks to be 2:56.59.

*Marian's goal is simple "enjoy the experience"!

*Check out the new blog page that Nubound has put up and it also has a link to the President/Founder Mark Connell's twitter page. On the blog page he has a link to my blog which is really neat:

*My body is not feeling 'right' these past 5-7 days. It's been a combination of feeling a little sick/weak, hurt(groin/tight back), and every pace feels the same(in a bad way). By that I mean running recovery runs feel 'harder then they should' and then running workout paces feel 'much harder then they should'. All this is probably a combination of many things: 1)Might not be totally over being sick, 2)Have ran a lot of miles in the past 12 days after coming off being really sick, 3)Some slightly stressful times as I wait word on a possible future job, 4)Just off antibiotic (which now I will be going back on based off what the doctor had told me to do if the first dose didn't completely wipe away the infection). I still would like to run the 8K Saturday as a Tempo run in the 5:05-10 pace but right now it will depend on how my body responds to some lighter training days plus how the groin(s) hold up. My body has been in a little bit of a struggle now for some time but keeping the fingers crossed that I will bounce out of it and still take advantage of what was a really solid winter base of training.

*We will be leaving in the morning and be in Va Beach Thursday-Monday, this should be a really fun weekend!!!

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