Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eugene Build--Training Log Recap

*Had 27 week build into TCM, then took off only 4 days before started what was planned to be a 24 week build into the Shamrock Half Marathon. In late December I got the call from Matt Downin with the offer to join Team Strands, by January I was on Team Strands and booked a early test race to see where I was at off base training. I went to Austin, Texas and didn't run the race I really wanted but still came out with a huge PR of 1:07.48. Since that race and even some signs during that race things haven't felt 100% again. That was 14 long weeks ago, along the way I have had some solid workouts and jumped into 3 races using 2 (Shamrock 8K and Adam Johnson Run) of them as workout efforts and having to drop out of the one that I tried to race(Sea Ray10K). All signs point to I've went too long without a recovery break and it is showing now with all the ups and downs in training, constant sore throat, mentally worn out, and having troubles sleeping through the night. The combination of getting sick over the winter and rushing back and not planning better recovery were the mistakes. My hopes are still to finish off this long build with one last race this weekend and hope to manage something solid. Most likely this week I won't do any workouts now and just run really easy to try and recover enough for that one last crack at racing!

Some running stats from the past 52 weeks:
52weeks-4018 miles ran
Days missed-33 (16 of those were planned and never more then 4days straight)

Crazy thing is I usually miss between 12-20weeks a year due to injuries so this past 52 week Stretch I'm really proud and happy about. Just made the mistake of not taking a planned 1-2 week recovery break of little to no running and I have put my finger on that as the reason for my past 8-12 weeks having many ups and downs in training.

Past 30 weeks of training recap:

1: 14miles (4days off after TCM)
2: 40miles
3: 60miles
4: 59miles
5: 75miles *4mile Steady-State(5:27avg), Stride Wkout(15x20sec), LR 1:45
6: 79miles *6mile Hilly SS (5:28), LR 1:45
7: 80miles *SW(12x30sec), 5K Race (15:20), LR 1:45
8: 72miles *8mile Hilly SS (5:29), LR 1:45
9: 76miles *SW(12x30sec), LR 2HR
10: 87miles *8mile Hilly SS (5:27), LR 2HR
11: 84miles *10mile Hilly SS (5:26), LR 2HR
12: 73miles *6mile SS (5:21), 15mile LR Progression
13: 89miles *Hill Wkout(10x90sec), Fartlek (4x8min on/3 min easy rec), LR 2HR
14: 90miles *Fartlek (15x1on/off), 5mile Tempo(5:10), LR 2:05
15: 80miles *SW (20x30sec over hills), LR 1:50 (Calf Issue forced missed wkout)
16: 80miles *5xMile, Fartlek(10x1on/off), 3m Half Marathon(1:07.48/5:10avg)
17: 80miles *Two 2hour LR's, most running inside due to snow!
18: 95miles *HW(10x90sec), Fartlek Hilly(4x80n/3off), 19mile LR
19: 84miles *HW (12x90sec), 10K Tempo (5:12), LR 2HR
20: 62miles *Fartlek(20x1on/off), (Sickness started)
21: 90miles *Fartlek(10x3 on/1 off), LR 20miles
22: 58miles *LR 2HR (Missed days with Flu)
23: 96miles *CI 800s, 7mile Tempo(5:19), SW(15x35sec), LR2HR
24: 90miles *CI 800s, Shamrock 8K (25:09), LR 20+pacing Marian
25: 85miles *4xMile(4:50avg), Adam Johnson Run(15:09), LR 1:30
26: 75miles *Fartlek(14x10n/0ff), Tempo Intervals(3x2miles), LR 1:45(w/surges)
27: 80miles *CI 1000s, Sea Ray 10K(DNF 6400 @5:01), 17mile LR Porgression
28: 95miles *CI 800s(+hill sprints), 2x4mile Tempo (5:08/5:14), LR 2HR
29: 68miles *Fartlek (10x1on/off), 8Mile SS (5:18), (Started feeling run down again)
30: Eugene Half Marathon Week (Looks to be nothing but easy running now)

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