Thursday, May 26, 2011

Race Pictures

2012 Running Pictures

2010 Columbus Marathon/Half

2010 Spring/Summer (few random race pictures)

CDR 15miler/5K (2005-2010)

Lots of Random Races (Google link)

Lots of Random races (Google link)

More Random (Shutterfly)
*Need to switch Shutterfly Albums over to Google for the link to open

Wedding Day Race (Shutterfly)

Chicago Marathon 2006 (Shutterfly)

College (Marshall University)

*Pictures Album Links:

*More Pictures:

(Miami Beach Half Marathon)

(Team Strands in Miami Beach)

(CDR 2009)

(CDR 2009)

(CDR 2009)

(Parkersburg Half 2009)

(Shamrock 8K--Va Beach 2009)

(Shamrock 8K 2009)

(Shamrock 8K 2009)

(Strands Photo Shoot 2009)

(Crew 5K-PR Race 2008)

(Parkersburg Half 2008)

(Huntington 5miler Challenge 2007)

(Summer Motion 10K 2008)

(CDR 2008)

(Crew 5K 2008)

(Marshall Half Marathon 2007)

(Richmond 8K--PR--2007)

(Reds 5K 2007--Got to throw out first pitch for winning!!)

(Huntington Half 2005)

(Summer Motion 10K 2006)

(Mizuno/Columbus 15 miler 2008)

(Summer Motion 2007)

(Run by the River 10K 2007)

(CDR 5K 2004)

Shamrock (2009)

Finish of the CDR 15Miler with the Capital in the background.

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