Monday, February 20, 2012

15th Annual Myrtle Beach Marathon Recap

Feeling very blessed and thankful to God for the weekend result!
Mile-by-Mile Breakdown:
Pre-Race warm up 45minute before Start Gun 2x5minutes slow + Gel #1
1- 5:51 Out relaxed, chat w/eventual winner(Stuart Moran) then watched him go!
2- 6:11 A bit too relaxed..Ran w/friend Brian Floyd who was doing the half
3- 5:45 Time to start cutting down
4- 5:43 Passing runner after runner from the half marathon field
5- 5:39 (29:10) I'm in 3rd Place in the Full Marathon Field
6- 5:35 Gel #2 through Market Square Loop...good crowds
7- 5:39 Get to see many faces heading in as I head out, lots of encouragement!
8- 5:36 Onto Ocean Blvd, headwind is very light
9- 5:34 Constantly reeling in lots of half marathon guys
10-5:46 (57:24) Slowed to get down Gel #3 and extra water
11-5:35 Caught 2nd Place marathon guy
12-5:40 He is hanging tough on my shoulder
13-5:36 See Marian and get a water bottle..she says leader is 2minutes ahead 
(Half Marathon Split 1:14.55)
14-5:36 3rd Place on my shoulder is helping push me
15-5:42 (1:25.35) Prettiest section of the course, really focused..I want sub 2:29!
16-5:40 Gel #4 Starting to get hot on the course but I'm feeling strong
17-5:43 Dropped 3rd Place guy on gradual incline
18-5:41 Off the Ocean Blvd, out/back add on section
19-5:37 See the leader at a turnaround..I'm 3+ minutes back...
20-5:43 (1:54.02) Gel #5 (last one), I can run sub 2:29 and PR!
21-5:44 My first sign of trouble, spasm in my right hammy 
22-5:50 Hammy is wanting to cramp..have to slow down..
23-6:01 Neg split, sub 2:29 and PR slipping away..keep fighting smartly..
24-6:04 Spasms like crazy it wants to grab bad..avoid major blowup
25-5:59 Fighting for every second between hammy spasms!
26-5:56 GET TO THE LINE!
Finish-69 (2:30:49/5:45pace) 2ND Place Overall
Half Splits (1:14.55 and 1:15.54)

All and all I'm very happy! You always--ALWAYS--want better but I wouldn't change to much. I feel like I'm extremely close to a huge breakthrough in the marathon now. The confidence is back for the event. I'm not 100% sure I'm made to perform my best at the distance but I still think sub 2:25 isn't far off. 

I think my best long term plan is to wait anywhere from 12-18 months until running another marathon to be fully ready to reach that breakthrough. I need to get 5K-10K fit again and then try to get under my half marathon PR(1:07.48) before really attacking the marathon. I just need patience, hard work, and of course Gods guiding hand but I will reach my marathon goal!

Such a wonderful event and time in Myrtle Beach. So many friends and support out there this weekend. The list is too long to name everyone that was there to help me along the way before, during, and after the race but THANK YOU again!

(I finished 2nd Place Overall in the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon (1:10.38) last year. Maybe a return trip in the future to try and break through with a WIN at one of the weekend events!) 

Marathon History:
2:29.34- 2009 Columbus Marathon (6th place)
2:30.49- 2012 Myrtle Beach Marathon (2nd Place)
2:31.32- 2006 Chicago Marathon
2:31.59- 2011 Cleveland Marathon (3rd Place)
2:35.10- 2010 Boston Marathon


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