Friday, January 10, 2014

2013 Running Review

2013 Mileage Total: 3255

2013 Races:
Quarter Marathon--35:41--1st Place (8/3)
Run for Your Life 5Miler--28:11--1st Place--$50 (6/22)
Oceana 5K--16:19--1st Place--$250 (6/15)
Poca River 15K--52:49--1st Place (5/11)
Mullens 5K (long course)--16:06--1st Place--$250 (5/5)
Susan Komen 5K--15:57--1st Place (5/4)
Earth Day 10K--33:40--1st Place--$200 (4/21)
Earth Day 5K(long course)--17:15--1st Place--$100 (4/21) 
Athens Half Marathon--1:14:35--2nd Place--$150 (4/15)
Winter Series 8K--25:48--3rd Place (1/6)

Recap: Overall it was a decent year for training and racing. Training wise, my streak of 2+ years without missing a day running was snapped in January with an achilles injury. Then again in August/September I missed some more time with a glute/hamstring issue. So I missed close to 2 months of training in 2013 which caused a nice sized drop in mileage. My goal going forward with mileage though is to stay around 60-70 miles a week so the years of shooting for 4000+ miles are probably done. 

Racing wise I didn't get to run many races in tip-top form so most of my races were done while building up to bigger races which never happened. Also more then half of the races I did run were done in place of a workout so the effort was far from a race effort. The WS 8K(25:48) to start the year was probably my best race of the year. I did sneak under 16 minutes (15:57 @ Susan Komen 5K) to extend my streak of sub 16 to 12 years. That along with breaking sub 5 minutes in a mile (streak dates back to freshman year of high school) at least once in a year are both fun goals to try and extend for as long as I can.

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