Saturday, September 5, 2009

2009 CDR Result

Quick result finished 8th overall, 3rd American, and top WV. Came out with $350(250 for top WV and 100 for special Bob Fleming WV award). Marian was pay out wise top WV money $250 so a nice pay day for two poor part time job

Ran 1:22.22 which is 5:29 pace for the tough 15miler. Lost lots of time in the hills(did not run them like I thought I would, ran almost the pace I would run up them in training runs) and beat myself up with a 5:04 fall off the mountain 8th mile. I knew for that mile you have to run closer to goal pace to save the legs and I didn't and I couldn't turn over under 5:20 in the last 7miles of flats. I still think this is close to Marathon Pace type race or since I'm just now bringing in specific workouts I'm hoping it is 5 or so seconds a mile slower then what I run a Marathon at some point this next year or two.

Time was 25th fastest WV time of all time(although it is 4 fastest WV time of the 90's and 2000's). So missed top 20 which I wanted(next year with more earlier workouts under my belt) but mainly missed time goal I had sub 1:21 and sub 1:22. I think I'm strong enough for 1:21 but not enough longer tempo work that makes you tough and fast. #1 goal is Fall Marathon and now it is time to make sure I continue off this solid base I have and turn it into true fast fitness!!

**I had the worse blister problem of my life today. Started feeling them at 10ish, they never got too bad in the race. Nothing that messed with pace just changed my foot landing around a few times the last 5 miles. But huge blood filled blister right below both big toes and running down close to mid foot. Painful now that is for sure.

**Official Results:

**Splits: 5:15, 5:14, 5:29(bridge), 5:35(last 400 UPHILL), 6:13(nasty hill still) (27:47@5miles), 5:48(hill), 5:24, 5:04(dropping off a mountain), 5:21, 5:26(54:54 @ 10), 5:22, 5:22, 5:25, 5:32, 5:47

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