Sunday, October 18, 2009

Humbling Marathon for reasons I wouldn't have guessed

Below copied from my Strands Page so here is the rambling breakdown

Try to keep this short(it won't be though). Leg wise race was going really well, maybe went out too slow but felt great at the half running in so-so conditions (cold, good wind in the face). Hit half at 1:12.47 and other then a pain that was building in my stomach knew I was going to negative split and felt like this would be my race and huge step. Ran my fastest splits from half to 16 but stomach got bad cramps, still ran a good 17 but the stomach was more then a cramp and I hit the porta potty right after 17split was in/out in 1:12, knew I could make it up and still get 2:24's. But it ended up being the end of the day, every time I tried running 5:25-30 pace I had to go. Stopped again at 19(very mad now), didn't get a bathroom split but it was one of those you wish you could just start the day.(In there longer then first time 1:30-2 probably, doesn't matter). After that I couldn't do it, almost felt like crying because it was out of my hands and legs it was just plain bathroom issues. But hard running made the urge continue to come in. Had to find pace that just got me home, then with 3.2 to go I saw it would only take 18 minutes to still sneak under 2:28, tried one last time and it was same old thing so jogged in for a whopping 19:40ish last 3.2. The worst feeling to run from 19 on at a jog feel when the legs wanted to go. The guy that I had almost caught at 17 finished in 2:25.32 and I had caught him leg wise ready to keep attacking. At the end of the day no matter what happened I finished in 2:29.34 and it has me wanting so much more now. Training will stay the same, the changes I will make is just basic changes to always be slightly different from build to build like some really long runs that I was scared to do this build because I just wanted to stay healthy and put down 2:22-2:24 on paper and start thinking I could one day reach my goal. Boston is the plan, won't rule out a early winter Marathon though. Now it is mental thing that I need to put it down. Last year 1:07 was a mental step the same way close to 2:22 would be a mental thing. (Not so short but after something like this you just want a redo tomorrow) Very blessed to just have the ability to start a race, I don't take that for granted and SOOO excited to see Marian have a solid day and place(2nd overall 1:21.09 PR), she wanted much faster but she will get another half Jan/Feb to prove what she can do. Thanks for all the comments and trust me I don't need to hear this was a good time, I know it wasn't but i do appreciate the nice words people have texted/messaged. Now time to move on, that was my rant...tomorrow starts next phase(rest or possible mini 4 more weeks to see if I can mentally bounce back for something shorter 10k/or Half)

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