Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Training Log Recap: 16 week Cycle (6/28-10/17)

Coming off Boston Marathon I knew I needed to make some changes to get some speed back in my legs. So from early May to late June I went through a speed phase which to be honest didn't pan out so well. I did during that stretch get on the start line of 4 races ending with a 15:35 5K at the WV Championships and during that roughly 8 weeks probably averaged 80miles a week. Although the phase didn't go as planned it did get the idea back in my head to use more races as hard tempo efforts(or even faster then tempo effort) to have more fun! So after the WV 5K, Marian and me headed to the beach where I logged a very easy going 70mile recovery week and started the 16 week training cycle to Columbus Half the following week.

The focus was to re-develop short tempo running. I used mostly small 5K's to help accomplish this but also had some very solid 4-6 mile Steady State runs out in Kanawha State Forest which ranged from 5:10-5:25 pace feeling smooth. During this time I also had one of my better long workout that was 16miles and included 4mile tempo @ 20:37, 2mile Tempo @ 10:30, and ended with 1mile hard @ 4:55. After that workout I felt even though most of my tempo work was less then 30minutes I was still in a good position to run a huge breakthrough half marathon.

Long story short everything went really well this training cycle and I trained really well and had a tone of fun! But the fact is I failed in my goal race of Columbus Half Marathon, it wasn't from a lack of trying as I was through 4miles in 20:49 and then needed to lock in knowing to hold 5:10-12 throughout a half hurts and isn't easy. I didn't and gave in and the day was over a little after 10K when I started to slip off that goal pace.

The only thing I would change is I needed some longer tempo runs to mentally lock in. When I ran my half PR a couple winters ago the thing I was doing different was long tempo running. I had 3 10mile steady states on a rolling hilly road(Johnstown Road) in 5:25 pace. So I was very fit and strong at the time. I feel I was fitter this build but just never put in the long efforts to give myself the confidence and mental toughness that you need in races over 10K.

I naturally had more speed at that time to go with all the long tempo work. I lost that speed since that time but feel I did re-develop it this cycle so the positive is I'm back on the right track. I know just need to get a good mix of both without going 1-sided with my training focus.

One thing is for sure, I want to run a really good half marathon and marathon. The goals are still big. They might seem pretty far off right now but I can't let that stop me from trying to go after them.

I have no 100% plans as of now for upcoming races. I think it will be a early spring marathon and a late spring half. I'll continue to find little local races and jump in them for fun but since it is about to be a time where very few races pop up I should be able to just lock back in to a good long stretch of training.

I'm going to enjoy this week off, no matter what level of runner you are you have to include a rest/recover cycle to reach higher levels of training in future training cycles. Some people just don't understand that and pretty much run into burnout/stale running/ or just continue to run the same time range year after year. So my running tip to anyone willing to listen is allow your body a regroup period a couple times a year and come back stronger and smarter!

16 week cycle
1415 miles
88.4 average miles per/week
Only 2 weeks under 80miles (drop week for CDR and Columbus)
Entered 11 races and won 10 times including a goal that I never saw happening of winning the Charleston Distance Run 15 Miler.

Independence 5K-15:42-1st
Oceana 5K- 15:49- 1st
Coporate Cup 5k- 15:48- 1st
Thomas Memorial 5K- 15:21- 1st
Logan 5K- 15:59- 1st
CDR 15MILE Champ!!
Pineville 5K- 15:57- 1st
Wine Cellar 10K- 32:09- 1st
Beckley 5k- 16:13- 1st (course according to garmin was 3.19)
Twin Falls 5k- 15:41- 1st
Columbus Half- DNF

Other Races since Boston (during the May/early June cycle)
Blvd 2miler- 10:02- 1st (course mess up so closer to 9:40s)
Beethoven- 15:53- 2nd
Run with a Cop 5K- 16:15- 1st (poured the rain after the first mile which I hit in 4:57)
WV 5K Champs- 15:35- 6th

So in all I toed the line 15 times since Boston. That was a major goal to get out there more and even if just a tempo effort do more races. I think I accomplished that goal!! :)

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