Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Review

2010 Stats Miles: 3822 (down from 4147 in 2009)
Days ran: 328/365 (about 30 days missed dealing with this achilles)
Races: 19 (15 First Place finishes, mainly small stuff)

Good training year but racing wise I never raced up to my training. Most of the 19 races I ran were used as harder workouts but the ones I went in trying to race all out never went very well. The key thing I learned is obviously I wasn’t “ready” like I thought for key races or in the case of Boston just burned out with too long of a build. I feel the #1 thing I learned is I have to train differently to race well.
Events Twin Falls 5k--15:41--1st Place--$450 (10/10)
Beckley 5K--16:13(long course 3.19)- 1st Place- $100 (10/2)
Wine Cellar 10K--32:09--1st Place (9/18)
Pineville 5K--15:57--1st Place- $300 (9/5)
Charleston Distance Run 15miler--1:25.44--1st Place (9/4)
Chief Logan Park 5K-15:59- 1st Place- $200 (8/14)
Thomas Memorial Cruise 5K- 15:21- 1st Place (8/7)
Corporate Cup 5K- 15:48- 1st Place (7/24)
Oceana 5K- 15:49-1st Place-$300 (7/10)
Independence Blvd 5K-15:42-1st Place (7/2)
WV 5K Championship-15:35- 6th Place - $50(6/19)
Run with a Cop 5K-16:15- 1st Place (6/12)
Beat Beethoven 5K-15:53- 2nd Place- $50 (6/5)
Sundown Showdown 2miler- 10:02- 1st Place (5/14)
Boston Marathon-2:35 (4/19)
Joker 4miler- 20:20- 1st Place (3/27)
Shamrock Half Marathon, Va Beach- 1:10.34-13th Place (3/20)
Huntington WS 5miler- 25:49- 1st Place (2/28)
ING Miami(Fla) Half Marathon- 1:12.39- 8th Place (1/31)

Thanks to Team Strands Marian and me both received 2,500 each Mizuno Budget, All expense paid trips for Miami-Boston-Va Beach-Columbus races, as well as monthly stipend checks that really was a huge help for paying bills/rent and buying groceries. In total I think we combine won roughly 2500 in race winning.
All that earnings mentioned above isn't too bad for average runners just doing what we love to do! It is amazing and hard to believe we roughly totaled 15,000 dollars in running related support in our very blessed 2010!

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